Aims: To assess the three‐year prolapse recurrence rate of the tissue fixation system (TFS) posterior mini‐sling, an operation that works much like a McCall procedure.
Patients and methods: Patients who originally presented with major symptomatic prolapse were contacted by telephone three years after a posterior TFS mini‐sling operation, and invited to attend for review. All patients were questioned as to recurrence of any lumps, ‘dragging pain’, satisfaction with the procedure and existence of any vaginal discharge.
Results: Of the original group of 39 patients, 35 were interviewed, 22 attended for review and four patients were uncontactable. Symptomatic cure was reported by 30 patients (86%), improvement in two (6%), and failure in three (9%).
Conclusions: The longer‐term results from the TFS posterior sling are encouraging. The procedure is evolving, and more studies are required.