Obstetric emergency simulation training is an evidence‐based intervention for the reduction of perinatal and maternal morbidity. In Western Australia, obstetric emergency training has been run using the In Time course since 2006.

The study aimed to determine if the provision of In Time train the trainer courses to outer metro, rural and remote units in Western Australia had led to sustained ongoing training in those units. Ten years following the introduction of the course, we performed a survey to examine which units are continuing to run In Time, what are the perceived benefits in units still utilising In Time, and what were the barriers to training in units that had discontinued.

Materials and methods
A link to an online survey was sent to the units where In Time training had occurred. Telephone enquiries were additionally used to ensure a good response rate.

The survey response rate was 100%. Six of the 11 units where training had been provided continue to run In Time. Units where training had discontinued had done so in order to take up alternatives, or as a result of trainers leaving. Of the units who had discontinued training, one wished to recommence In Time.

Local in situ training in obstetric emergencies as exemplified by the In Time course remains a popular and valued training intervention across Western Australia. This training may be of particular benefit to small and remote units, but these are the areas in which training is hardest to sustain.