To establish whether the infusion method trial of void (TOV) after a mid‐urethral sling procedure, in contrast to the standard auto‐fill TOV, permits discharge home from recovery, as these procedures are eminently suited to same day discharge, and the delay in achieving a successful TOV often keeps the patient in hospital overnight.

A randomised controlled trial performed between December 2014 and April 2016 at the University Hospital, enrolling 40 women undergoing a mid‐urethral sling procedure for stress urinary incontinence. The women were randomised to infusion method or auto‐fill method TOV. The primary outcome was discharge home from the recovery area of theatre.

Discharge from recovery was not different between the two groups (odds ratio (OR) 1.3 95% CI: 0.3–5.9, P = 0.71). The rate of TOV being successfully passed in recovery was higher in the infusion‐fill group compared to the standard auto‐fill group (OR 4.5 95% CI 1.2–17.4, P = 0.025). This means that three women will undergo the infusion‐fill to achieve one more successful TOV in recovery.

The infusion method resulted in more women passing their TOV in recovery but this did not translate into more discharges from recovery.