Excess gestational weight gain is associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes. Addressing barriers to the provision of best practice care that supports healthy pregnancy weight gain could assist staff in clinical care; however, little is known about changes to staff practices after ameliorating barriers.

To evaluate if service initiatives to promote healthy pregnancy weight gain improve weight‐related documentation by antenatal staff throughout pregnancy care.

Materials and Methods
Service initiatives including staff training, familiarisation with a pregnancy weight gain chart and placement of scales in clinic rooms were introduced. Pregnancy health records were audited for deliveries pre‐ (2014) and post‐implementation (2017) to obtain weight‐related measures. Measures assessed included the documentation of pre‐pregnancy weight, height, pre‐pregnancy body mass index (BMI), referral to dietetic services (if overweight) and the accuracy of pre‐pregnancy BMI calculation. The proportion of visits with weight recorded during pregnancy was also audited.

A total of 1003 and 1050 records were included from the pre‐ and post‐intervention groups respectively. Significant improvements over time were observed in the documentation of pre‐pregnancy weight (P < 0.001), BMI (P < 0.001), accuracy of BMI calculation (P < 0.001) and for obese women proportion of visits with weight recorded (P = 0.02). There was a non‐significant increase in the documentation of dietetic referral for overweight women (1.1% vs 2.2%, P = 0.27) and proportion of visits with weight recorded for women across all pre‐pregnancy BMI groups (49% vs 51%, P = 0.07). Conclusions Addressing barriers to supporting healthy pregnancy weight gain through service‐wide initiatives may improve weight‐related documentation by antenatal staff.