Cystic fibrosis (CF) carrier screening should be offered to people planning a pregnancy or in early pregnancy, according to current recommendations. However, research indicates rates of offering CF carrier screening are low. Health professionals (HPs) play an important role in offering population carrier screening.

To determine the opinions, knowledge and practice patterns of HPs with regard to the routine offering of population carrier screening for CF.

Materials and Methods
Five key informant interviews informed the development of an online questionnaire which was distributed to a select group of HPs involved in prenatal care in Victoria, Australia.

Of the participants who completed the questionnaire (n = 87), 35.6% reported offering CF carrier screening to all patients attending for preconception or early pregnancy consultations. High referrers of CF carrier screening were more likely to be female, work in the private sector, in metropolitan areas and specialise as an obstetrician. High referrers demonstrated a greater level of knowledge of CF and carrier screening than low referrers (t = −3.779, P < 0.001). Low referrers perceived more barriers to offering carrier screening than high referrers (t = 2.125, P = 0.037). Low referrers were more likely to perceive lack of community awareness and HP knowledge as a barrier to offering CF carrier screening, compared to high referrers, who were more likely to perceive time constraints as a barrier. Conclusions To promote routine offering of population CF carrier screening, resources are needed to improve knowledge and provide clinical support thereby reducing perceived barriers.