EDITORIAL COMMENT: We accepted this case report for publication because, apart from being interesting, it raises the question of the appropriate hormone replacement therapy after bilateral oophorectomy (usually with hysterectomy) has been performed when there is evidence of endometriosis. Menopausal symptoms in these women can be relieved by oestrogen therapy without return of pelvic pain or dyspareunia. The authors report a case of endometrial‐like carcinoma in a woman with known endometriosis after a hysterectomy and prolonged unopposed oestrogen therapy. Although this is a solitary case report, the authors explain that there are 8 others in the literature where malignancy occurred in extraovarian endometriosis after bilateral oophorectomy associated with unopposed oestrogen. One of our reviewers commented that a combination of oestrogen and progestogen should always be considered when prescribing hormone replacement therapy in women with a known history of endometriosis, following total hysterectomy and bilateral oophorectomy.