Background:  In New Zealand, around two hundred women are diagnosed with cervical cancer annually, with approximately seventy deaths from cervical cancer per year.
Aim:  Our aim was to determine the distribution of oncogenic HPV genotypes in biopsy specimens from women with diagnosed cervical cancers in the Auckland region of New Zealand between 2000–2006.
Materials and methods:  Confirmed cases of cervical carcinoma were identified from the local pathology register, and representative tissue samples were taken from these blocks. Sections were deparaffinised, and DNA was extracted according to standard protocols. Samples were subject to PCR amplification using L1 consensus primer sets MY09/11 and GP5/6. Further type‐specific amplification was performed on positive samples, using an in‐house primer sequence based on target sequences within the E6 gene. Remaining samples were typed by a Linear Array Assay, or by DNA sequencing.
Results:  HPV DNA was detected in 100% of cases. In 49/50 samples, the HPV genotype was identified, with a total of 14 different HPV genotypes detectable. Together HPV‐16 and 18 were found in 41/49 cases (83.6%) either singly or in combination
Discussion:  Our findings suggest that the distribution of HPV genotypes in New Zealand is similar to that of other geographic areas.
Conclusion:  Ongoing surveillance is warranted to ensure appropriate genotype selection for prophylactic HPV vaccinations.