To develop a core outcome set for trials investigating interventions to prevent stillbirth.

Materials & Methods
Outcomes identified from a systematic literature review and semi‐structured interviews with parents in Australia and the UK were entered into a two‐round online Delphi survey and focus group/consensus meetings.

A core outcome set containing 11 outcomes in two categories. Five outcomes were related to the mother; fetal loss, onset of and mode of delivery, maternal mortality or near miss, psychological and social impact on the women, women’s knowledge. Six outcomes were related to the baby; timing of stillbirth, neonatal mortality, gestational age at delivery, birthweight, congenital anomaly, NICU/SCBU or other higher‐level neonatal care length of stay.

Implementation and dissemination of this core outcome set in future trials will contribute towards coordinated outcome reporting and advancing usefulness of research to guide clinical practice.