Conservative management of both the uterus and the abnormal placenta, which is left inside the uterus at the time of delivery, is one option of placenta accreta management. Complete elimination of the residual placenta is the main challenge of this procedure.

To report the role, efficacy and safety of hysteroscopic resection in women presenting with severe pelvic pain and chronic intra‐uterine retention after conservative treatment of placenta accreta.

Material and methods
Four consecutive women who were treated with hysteroscopic resection of retained tissues after conservative treatment of placenta accreta or percreta at the time of delivery. Clinical files and surgical procedures were reviewed. All procedures were performed because of chronic pelvic pain and the absence of a complete spontaneous placental elimination.

All procedures were successful and uneventful. The uterus was conserved with a complete disappearance of the symptoms in the four women, and two of them became pregnant.

Hysteroscopic resection seems effective and safe for shortening the duration of placental elimination after conservative treatment in women with severe pelvic pain due to uterine retention. This approach allows conserving the uterus and future fertility.