Objective:  The objective of this retrospective study was to evaluate the safety, intra‐operative and post‐operative morbidity of laparoscopic approach for myomectomy.
Methods:  The total 1001 subjects who underwent endoscopic surgery over a 16‐year period were studied retrospectively. All the data were collected regarding clinical presentation, intra‐operative findings, intra‐operative and post‐operative complications, and hospital stay, and statistically analysed.
Results:  The average age of subjects was 32.62 years and the most common indication for surgery was infertility (48.5%). A total of 2167 myomas were removed; 43.98% of subjects required removal of multiple myomas. The average blood loss was 248 mL, and the average hospital stay was 1.5 days. The overall major and minor complication rate is very low except one subject who required laparotomy for post‐operative bleeding, and there was one unexplained post‐operative death.
Conclusions:  Laparoscopic myomectomy is comparable to laparotomy myomectomy in terms of duration of surgery, blood loss and complication rates. This large single surgeon series on laparoscopic myomectomy also shows a low complication rate suggesting that laparoscopic myomectomy is a safe and reliable procedure, even in the presence of multiple or large myomas.