Increasingly, couples are seeking assistance to conceive. It is not clear whether obstetric and gynaecological trainees in Australia and New Zealand receive adequate training and exposure to infertility training.

To determine the perspectives of Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (RANZCOG) trainees regarding their experience of infertility management during training, in order to better inform discussions of training in this area.

Materials and Methods
RANZCOG trainees were invited to participate in an anonymous online survey containing 17 questions. Data collected included demographic details, training year, cumulative infertility experience as a trainee, and perspectives regarding infertility experience during training.

Of the 191 RANZCOG trainees who participated in the study (25.7% response rate), the majority reported they had never had the opportunity to attend an infertility clinic as part of their training (53.2%). Lack of experience in infertility medicine was associated with a high dissatisfaction rate (89.8%).

Trainees in Australia and New Zealand have limited access to infertility medicine during training with associated high dissatisfaction rates. Access to training in a private healthcare setting or the expansion of public in vitro fertilisation may improve trainees’ experiences.