The Myosure resectoscope has been in use since 2009. Our unit is the first in Australia to describe the use of the Myosure device in the outpatient setting to resect endometrial polyps.

To compare patient satisfaction and pain scores of pre‐ and postmenopausal women undergoing outpatient removal of endometrial polyps using the Myosure device.

Material and Methods
Public hospital based prospective study. Patients (n=42) who opted to have resection of endometrial polyps under local anaethesia were recruited. Procedures were performed using a 6.25‐mm hysteroscope with a MyoSure Lite device. Patient experiences were collected using a questionnaire immediately postprocedure. Pain level was assessed using 100‐mm visual analogue score (VAS). Resection times and untoward events were recorded.

Mean endometrial polyp size was 13 mm and the mean resection time was 39.4s. Complete resection was achieved in 95.2% of cases. The median VAS was 2.7 (range 0.7–7.5). The pain scores did not differ significantly between nulliparous or parous women who only had a caesarean section delivery and those who have delivered vaginally. However, VAS was statistically less in postmenopausal women in comparison with premenopausal women (2.5 vs 3.2, respectively; (P = 0.047)). Overall, women were very satisfied; 97.6% would recommend the procedure to a friend and 95.2% happy to consider a repeat procedure in the future if required. The complication rate was 4.8%, and all were minor in nature.

Operative hysteroscopic procedures can be performed successfully in the outpatient setting using the Myosure Lite device with a high level of patient satisfaction.