Brian Spurrett Fellowships

The RANZCOG Women's Health Foundation provides the Brian Spurrett Fellowship in memory of Professor Brian Spurrett, a leader in building professional relationships between RANZCOG and the Pacific. The Brian Spurrett Fellowships, which have been offered since 2004, support doctors and nurses actively working in reproductive health in the Pacific, to undertake short-term training in an Australian or New Zealand institution.

Each year, the Foundation awards a small number of Fellowships to enable eligible doctors, nurses or midwives to continue their professional development.

Currently the Brian Spurrett Fellowship for doctors (in alternate years) is being used for a fellowship to enable a Pacific O&G specialist to attend the Anatomy of Complications Workshop, Perth. RANZCOG gratefully acknowledges the support of the Anatomy of Complications Workshop Organisers for providing free workshop registration towards the Brian Spurrett Fellowship to support this Fellowship.

How awarded: Available for self-application
Availability: The Fellowships will be offered in alternate years to doctors in even years, and midwives in odd years.
Adjudication: RANZCOG
Date offered: To be advised, subject to funding.

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