In-Hospital Clinical Assessments – Core Training

Trainees are required to satisfactorily complete the prescribed In-Hospital Clinical Assessment WBA (IHCA) modules before the end of core training. Trainees are advised to complete the IHCAs as early as possible in the course of training.

Trainees are required to be assessed by an approved IHCA Assessor (refer to the list below) using the appropriate assessment form. Trainees need to contact an approved IHCA Assessor to arrange a convenient time for the assessment. Assessors should be given ONE MONTH notice that their services are requested. Modules are marked on a pass/fail basis, with a pass being awarded if the trainee performs at a satisfactory level in all skill areas.

Further details regarding the IHCAs can be found on the Assessment Form and in the Training Program Handbook.

Assessment Forms


Approved Assessors

Application Process for Assessors

Fellows with a special interest in Colposcopy or Ultrasound are encouraged to apply to become an IHCA Assessor. To apply, complete and submit the IHCA Assessor Application Form and supporting documents for consideration.

Changes to Ultrasound IHCA requirements 

  • The Ultrasound IHCA is no longer accepted for trainees commencing training from 1 December 2016; however, the APSS Ultrasound B must be completed by 208 weeks Core Time in Training (CTIT). 
  • For trainees commencing training between 1 December 2016 and 30 November 2018, the Ultrasound IHCA will be accepted if completed prior to 1 March 2019. After this time, the APSS Ultrasound B must be completed in place of the Ultrasound IHCA. 
  • For trainees who commenced prior to 1 December 2016 the IHCA is a mandatory requirement. Completion of the Ultrasound B APSS is not necessary. 

For more information relating to the Assessment of Procedural Surgical Skills page. 


More information

For information relating to In-Hospital Clinical Assessments:

Email[email protected]


Form submission 

For FRANZCOG trainees, completed Assessment forms should be uploaded into the online portfolio.

For Partially Comparable SIMGs, completed assessment forms can be emailed to  s[email protected]



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