Private Infrastructure Clinical Supervision Funding (PICS)

In addition to establishing specialist training posts/positions, the program also provides funds for a range of support activities, including Private Infrastructure Clinical Supervision Funding (PICS). 
All private sector STP training sites can apply for this Department of Health allowance, which provides support for training infrastructure and clinical supervision, subject to specific eligibility criteria.

Infrastructure: $10,000 per FTE, pro rata, in the private sector. Posts are only eligible for funding once in any three-year period. The infrastructure allowance is attached to a specific STP-funded training site, to provide for, or enhance, the training experience (e.g. training room outfitting).

Supervision: $30,000 per FTE per annum, pro rata, in the private sector. The clinical supervision allowance is attached to a supervisor of a specific STP-funded training position. A range of support activities would be eligible for funding (e.g. administrative support).

Trainee entitlements such as medical indemnity, superannuation, workers compensation etc. must be maintained throughout the training.

For further information on the PICS program, please refer to the RACMA website.




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