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Te Kāhui Oranga ō Nuku

Te Kāhui Oranga ō Nuku (the New Zealand Committee) works in training and standards, engages with health sector stakeholders, responds to requests for submissions and nominations and works collaboratively on policy and clinical matters with the Council of Medical Colleges and other allied professional groups. 

Te Kāhui Oranga ō Nuku translation

Te Kāhui
Cluster, herd, flock, company
Used as a collective
Also has celestial connection to whetū (stars) – He Kāhui whetu
Oranga ō
Welfare, health, living, livelihood, food, survivor – ensures the focus of health (all aspects)
Particle of, belongs to, this particle ō was used by Maisey Rika in a line in her waiata gifted to NZC and the connection to Onuku Marae where the meeting was be held.
Earth, shortened of Papatūānuku, Earth mother and wife of Rangi-nui – all living things originate from them.

Waiata – Taku Pā Haraeke e

Taku Pā Haraeke e is an elegant waiata (song) written for RANZCOG at the same Hui by Maisey Rika, one of is one of Aotearoa’s (NZ) most impressive leading singer/songwriters. The song is as follows, with a translation below:
Taku pā harakeke e
Ko te oranga o te iwi
He Wāhine He Atua
Te tapu o te whare tāngata
He oranga he oranga
Ko te taonga nui o te ao
He mokopuna He kakano
I ruia mai i rangiātea
He taonga He taonga
Te Kāhui Oranga ā Nuku e
He waipuna ora e
Mai i te po ki te ao mārama
Taku pā harakeke e
My village my family
The wellbeing of humankind
From Women and Gods
And the sacredness of childbirth
It is life it is life
The greatest gift in the world
A child and seed
Sown in Rangiātea
A gift and a treasure
The NZ Committee of RANZCOG
A wellspring of health
ab umbris ad lumina vitae from shadows to the light of life
My village my family


He Hono Wāhine 

The focus of He Hono Wāhine, a subcommittee of Te Kāhui Oranga ō Nuku, is to work inclusively to improve health outcomes for Māori women and their babies. He Hono Wāhine provides outreach to Māori Fellows and trainees, cultural competence training, supports research on Māori women's health and provides cultural support for all Fellows and trainees, through tuakana teina and an annual hui.

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Postal address:
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Phone: +64 4 472 4608
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Manager: Catherine Cooper
Training Coordinator: Jude Kaveney
Events & SIMG Coordinator: Makiko Wimbush
Communications Coordinator: Lynn Gestro

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Gender Equity and Diversity Working Group Communiqué

Every health professional has a right to work in a safe, supportive workplace



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More than 150 delegates attended the recent RANZCOG SA/NT Symposium, enjoying an engaging and diverse scientific program during the day, and then honouring 35 Year Fellows at a gala dinner.



Termination of pregnancy is a right for every woman

In response to comments by Peter Dutton, we reassert our strongly-held position that all people, irrespective of their nationality or citizenship status, should be offered appropriate medical assessment and care.