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You can contact the Committees below using the general NSW Regional Office email, [email protected].


New South Wales Regional Committee

2019 Meeting Dates:  9 April, 18 June, 13 August, 22 October, 10 December

Committee Members

A/Prof Gregory Jenkins – Chair
Dr Karen Mizia – Deputy Chair
Dr Mark Ruff – Chair Education
Dr Emma Inglis – Deputy Chair Education
Dr Supuni Kapurubandara – Chair NSW State Reference Committee
Dr Jyothi Marry – Committee Member
Dr Rachael Hickinbotham – Committee Member
Dr Ying Li – Committee Member
Dr Miguel Marquez – Provincial Fellow Representative
Dr Andrew Zuschmann – Chair NSW TAC
Dr Maria Bernardi – Trainee Representative
Dr Swetha Kumar – Trainee Representative
Dr Judith Gardiner – Diplomates' Representative (Co-opted Member)

Ex-Officio (Voting):
Dr Vijay Roach – RANZCOG President
Dr Tanya Nippita – RANZCOG Councillor, NSW
A/Prof Gregory Jenkins – RANZCOG Councillor, NSW
Dr Gregory Kesby – RANZCOG Councillor, NSW
A/Prof Louis Izzo – RANZCOG Councillor, NSW
Ms Vase Jovanoska – RANZCOG Chief Executive Officer 

College Staff (Non-voting):
Ms Lisa Del Din – Manager, Regional Offices
Ms Lee Dawson – Committee Coordinator, Executive Officer, NSW
Mr Chris Dowding – Coordinator, NSW Regional Office


NSW/ACT Training Accreditation Committee

2019 Meeting Dates:  2 May, 12 September, 17 October

Committee Members

Dr Andrew Zuschmann – Chair
A/Prof Peter Bland – Deputy Chair and ITP Coordinator, Royal North Shore Hospital
Dr Amanda Henry – ITP Coordinator, St George Hospital
Dr Jyothi Marry – ITP Coordinator, Liverpool
Dr Karuna Raja – ITP Coordinator, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital for Women and Babies
Dr Tania Day – ITP Coordinator, John Hunter Hospital
Dr Naim Arrage – ITP Coordinator, Westmead
Dr Leo Leader – ITP Coordinator, Royal Hospital for Women
Dr Dheya Al-Mashat – ITP Coordinator, Nepean Hospital
Dr Peter Scott – ITP Coordinator, Canberra 
Dr Maria Bernardi – NSW Trainee Representative
Dr Swetha Kumar – NSW Trainee Representative
Dr Danica Vress – ACT Trainee Representative


NSW Senior O&Gs Group

2019 Meeting Dates:  15 March; 25 October

Committee Members

Dr Ray Hyslop – Convenor


More information

RANZCOG NSW Regional Office 
Suite 2, Ground Floor, 69 Christie Street
St Leonards NSW 2065, Australia
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Phone: +61 2 9436 1688
Fax: +61 3 9419 0672 
Email: [email protected]
Events: [email protected]
Training: [email protected]


Executive Officer: Lee Dawson
Coordinator: Chris Dowding

Trainee Representatives

Dr Maria Bernardi
Dr Swetha Kumar



Gender Equity and Diversity Working Group Communiqué

Every health professional has a right to work in a safe, supportive workplace



Taking it to the edge

More than 150 delegates attended the recent RANZCOG SA/NT Symposium, enjoying an engaging and diverse scientific program during the day, and then honouring 35 Year Fellows at a gala dinner.



Termination of pregnancy is a right for every woman

In response to comments by Peter Dutton, we reassert our strongly-held position that all people, irrespective of their nationality or citizenship status, should be offered appropriate medical assessment and care.