RANZCOG Board 2018 – 2021

Dr Vijay Roach



Vijay is a Visiting Medical Officer in obstetrics and gynaecology in both public and private practice in Sydney. His first role with the College was as Chair of the NSW Training and Accreditation Committee, a position that he held for nine years. He is Chair of the Training and Accreditation Committee. Committed to medical education, Vijay lectures at the University of Sydney. He is Chairman of the Gidget Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation promoting the importance of emotional wellbeing among expectant and new parents. Vijay was elected President in 2018 and has previously served three terms on the RANZCOG Board.

Dr Benjamin Bopp



A RANZCOG Fellow since 1999, Ben has worked as a generalist (obstetrics, gynaecology and IVF) in Private Practice in Brisbane, before relocating to the Gold Coast in 2003. He has an ongoing commitment to medical student education and has served on the Queensland Regional Committee for 15 years and as a RANZCOG Councillor since 2010.
In addition to previous involvement with the College Women’s Health Committee, Continuing Professional Development & Revalidation Committee and Education Strategy Committee, Ben has been actively involved with the Specialist IMG Assessment Committee, which he currently Chairs. He was elected onto the RANZCOG Board in 2016. His ongoing interests include SIMG assessment and workforce.

Professor Ian Symonds



Originally from Adelaide, Ian trained in the United Kingdom returning to Australia in 2004 as Professor of Reproductive Medicine at Newcastle, New South Wales. He was Dean of the Joint Medical Program from 2011, before being appointed as the head of the Adelaide Medical School in 2015. Ian has published research papers on subjects ranging from ovarian cancer to interprofessional learning and is the current editor of the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. He has served on the RANZCOG Council for eight years, the last two as a member of the Board. His main interest has been in education and assessment and he has served terms as exam convenor for the written and oral FRANZCOG examinations, as well as chair of the Education and Assessment Committee and the Conjoint Committee for the Diploma of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Dr John Tait



A RANZCOG Fellow since 1985, John has worked in Wellington as an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist since 1986 in both public and private practice. He started Fertility Associates Wellington with Professor John Hutton. John was Chair of the New Zealand Committee for four years and is serving his second term on the RANZCOG Board as Vice-President. At present, he is a CMO at the Capital & Coast District Health Board (CCDHB), Chair of the National Maternity Monitoring Group, Chair of the Maternal Morbidity Working Group, and Member of the N.E. Taskforce. His main interest outside of the specialty is golf.

Dr Gillian Gibson

MBChB MRCOG DipObst BSc(hons)

Board Member

Dr Gillian Gibson has been a RANZCOG Fellow since 1997, and was elected onto the Board in 2018.
She was New Zealand representative on the 9th and 10th RANZCOG Councils 2014 -2018. She has been a member of the O & G Magazine Editorial Advisory Group since 2011. She is an ex-officio member of RANZCOG New Zealand Committee, was an elected member 2005–2011 and Chair for 2 year term 2008–2010.
She is a generalist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Auckland District Health Board (ADHB) with special interest in colposcopy and abortion care. She is Clinical Director for the Auckland regional abortion service. She has a private gynaecology practice and a member of a private obstetric group practice in Auckland from 1997–2016.

Professor Yee Leung


Board Member

A RANZCOG Fellow since 1994, Yee was appointed Head of Department, Gynaecologic Oncology at King Edward Memorial Hospital in 2008 and Professor of Gynaecologic Oncology at The University of Western Australia in 2011. He is the Honorary Primate Gynaecologist at the Perth Zoo. Yee has more than 40 research publications but his primary interest is in surgical education. He is on the Executive of the Anatomy of Complications Workshop. He has served on the RANZCOG Western Australian Regional Committee since 1997, the RANZCOG CGO Subspecialty and Examination Committees since 2002, and RANZCOG Council since 2010. He was elected onto the Board in 2016.

Dr John Regan


Board Member

John is a practising Obstetrician and Gynaecologist in Melbourne with his principal public appointment being Head of Obstetrics at Monash Medical Centre in Clayton.


He has been involved with RANZCOG for many years, and has been a RANZCOG councillor since 2012. He has previously been involved with the Women’s Health Committee, the Continuing Professional Development Committee and the SIMG Committee.

This is John’s first term as a Board member.

Dr Judith Gardiner



Judith is an advanced RANZCOG Diplomate and the current Chair of the RANZCOG Diplomates’ Committee and Vice Chair of the Conjoint Committee for the Diploma of Obstetrics & Gynaecology. She has been a GP Obstetrician since 1980 working in regional, rural and remote locations. She is also a DRANZCOG examiner and the Diplomate representative on the NSW regional committee.
She is a passionate advocate for GP Obstetrics and, understanding the difficulties of juggling an obstetric career with raising a family, excited to be working with Dr Gillian Gibson on the Gender Equity and Diversity Working Group.

Board Activities

RANZCOG is governed by a seven-member Board who who are the directors of the College. The Board manages the financial, legal and business operations of the organisation and is supported in its activities by the Council and a range of committees.

Board Composition

The RANZCOG Board are elected from members of Council in accordance with the processes set out in the Constitution. The composition of the Board comprises:

  • President
  • Three Vice-Presidents
  • Three other Board Members

Board Meetings

The Board meet in person a minimum of six times a year, generally in the months of February, March, May, July, September and November.


Dates - 2019 

Saturday 2 February 2019
Wednesday 20 & Friday 22 March 2019
Saturday 25 May 2019
Wednesday 24 & Friday 26 July 2019
Saturday 14 September 2019
Wednesday 13 & Friday 15 November 2019



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Every health professional has a right to work in a safe, supportive workplace



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More than 150 delegates attended the recent RANZCOG SA/NT Symposium, enjoying an engaging and diverse scientific program during the day, and then honouring 35 Year Fellows at a gala dinner.



Termination of pregnancy is a right for every woman

In response to comments by Peter Dutton, we reassert our strongly-held position that all people, irrespective of their nationality or citizenship status, should be offered appropriate medical assessment and care.